hotend-xin5 Research and Development of New Products

All Metal Hotend Kits Cheap Cbd Isolate Florida The larynx of HOTEND module on the market is used as the connector of heat sink and heating block at the same time, so it needs a certain wall thickness to meet the mechanical support. This product series adopts bolt guide pillar to connect heat sink and heating block, so it can achieve the thinnest design and manufacture of larynx tube, realize full heat dissipation and heat conduction during printing, and eliminate wire material. Hidden danger of throat neck blockage during melting;


Buy Cbd Oil Images Good insulation effect

Titanium alloy throat tube, minimum wall thickness 0.2mm, excellent heat insulation effect

03 High heat conduction

The heating block and nozzle are made of alloy copper with 330W/m.k high thermal conductivity.

02 Low roughness

Seiko manufacturing, high finish, inner wall roughness Ra≤0.4


Strong compatibility

Standardized interface, matching market general models to meet batch demand