Graphic Designer
QC Supervisor
1.Assist R&D staff to analyze, confirm and locate product problems, and evaluate the test results to form a test report;
2.To build the corresponding test environment according to the test requirements;test the new product and collect the corresponding data according to plan.
3.Test various functions (software and hardware) of the company's products and design corresponding test schemes, including common application scenario test cases and extreme condition tests;
4.Daily test work plan, test report writing, laboratory hardware management and maintenance;
6.Participate in drafting the company's product technical standards or specifications.
1.College degree or above, major in mechanical, measurement and control, electronic information and other engineering related disciplines, at least 2 years of testing work experience, familiar with 3D printing industry;
2.Be familiar with the relevant process of factory-side product testing, and be able to put forward the corresponding tooling requirements according to the testing requirements;
3.Strong learning ability and initiative, steadfast and willing to work, strong sense of responsibility, good team spirit and rigorous working attitude.

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