Product Test Engineer
QC Engineer
1.Formulate product quality inspection standards, summarize the actual problems encountered in production and put forward solutions;
2.Confirm the key quality control points in the production process according to customer demand,formulate product process control standards, to ensure the traceability of product quality;
3.Preparation of product process control standards according to the company's technical standards, operating documents, ,supervision and inspection of the whole process of product production organization;
4.Regularly feed back factory product information, statistical process, summarize product quality problems to the company, and push relevant departments to solve them in time;
5.Take the initiative to solve the quality problems or existing defects of the products, organize investigation and analysis of the causes, formulate improvement plans and supervise the implementation;
6,.Responsible for the inspection personnel management, training, assessment and other work;
7.Responsible for the normal operation of the company's quality system, responsible for the company's customer audit, internal audit, third party audit reception and communication;
8.Responsible for the management of inspection instruments, measuring tools and equipment.
1.College degree or above;
2.Three years or more experience in precision parts inspection and management;
3.Familiar with ISO9001 quality management system and application of quality management tools;
4.Have a strong sense of responsibility, have the ability to coordinate and deal with problems, can actively find and solve problems, have strong logical thinking ability;
5.Obey the company's arrangement, strong communication ability, can withstand great pressure;
6.Good team spirit, positive progress, honesty and integrity.

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