QC Engineer
International Trade Sales
1. Formulate the sales plan. According to the sales tasks assigned by the company, formulate the sales plan of the department, including: personnel plan, personnel target decomposition plan, etc.
2. The formulation of sales tactics shall be based on the overall strategic arrangement of the company, and the sales tactics of the department shall be formulated and adjusted, i.e. specific business development methods. Include a customer cut-in mode and a customer tracking mode; And the planning and implementation of new tactics;
3. Fully understand the company's related products and products to be developed and promoted in the future, and actively explore the market;
4.Maintain the company's image and product reputation, to complete the sales target;
5.establish and maintain a good cooperative relationship with customers;
6.assist the market department to do a good job in the exhibition related work, participate in the design of domestic and foreign exhibition site selection and layout plan;
7.do a good job in the department staff training incentive work, create a team atmosphere with fighting capacity and learning ability.
1.Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing and other related fields, at least 5 years of sales management experience;
2 .Strong market analysis, sales, promotion ability, good interpersonal communication, coordination ability, ability to analyze and solve problems;
3.3trong dedication to work, can accept business trips.

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