Sales Manager
Domestic Trade Sales
1.Responsible for foreign market development, customer maintenance;
2.Formulate annual, quarterly and monthly sales plans according to the company's sales requirements, and formulate sales strategies according to customers and market conditions;
3.Expand product sales according to the company's new product marketing activities,;
4.Open up new sales channels, leading major customer negotiations;
5.Responsible for the evaluation, tracking, management and risk control of foreign trade orders and contracts, and responsible for foreign trade business process management and risk control;
6. Communication and coordination with various departments, and coordinate with customers in time to meet the requirements of customers.
7. Collect complaints from foreign customers and information on unqualified products, collate, analyze, summarize and classify them and transfer them to the Technology Department.
8.Carry out customer satisfaction survey and statistical work, timely reflect customer information;
1.3 years or more experience in foreign trade sales;
2.Good English writing and communication skills, ability to negotiate with independent clients, and infectious expression;
3. Experience in consumer market product operation;

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