Domestic Trade Assistant
Mechanical Design Engineer
1.Be responsible for leading the team to design and improve the 3D structure of products, create engineering drawings and maintain databases;
2.Lead the design and production of parts samples, and compile product BOM and related technical documents;
3.Assist the testing engineer in the design of tooling and fixture and performance verification tests related to products;
4.Assist in promoting standardization and parametric design of the company.
1.Bachelor degree or above in mechanical engineering, mechatronics and automation;
2.More than 5 years structural design, non-standard design experience, more than 3 years product design,team lead experience is preferred;
3.Proficient in familiar with mechanical processing technology;
4. Experience in designing related equipment is preferred (3D printing/non-standard design, etc.);
5.Strong teamwork, hands-on ability and ability to work under pressure;
6. Proficient in operating Auto CAD and at least one 3D design software (UG, Proe, SolidWorks);

If you want to join us, please send your resume to . We will contact you as soon as possible.