Mechanical Design Engineer
HR Specialist
1.Assist the general manager in team building and management of the company, strategic planning and daily management of the company;
2.Organizing, coordinating and arranging various exhibitions, conferences and large-scale activities domestic and overseas;
3.Communication between employees, departments and superiors.
4.Responsible for drafting, recording, sorting out the general manager to attend the meeting materials and meeting minutes, etc.;
5.Be responsible for cooperating with the general manager to receive and communicate important customers in a timely manner;
6.Responsible for coordinating the President's business trip, business banquets and other liaison work, maintenance of important customer public relations;
7.Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in management or Chinese;
2. At least two years of middle-level management experience in small and medium-sized enterprises, with marketing and management experience preferred;
3.Have strict logical thinking ability and comprehensive analysis and judgment ability, strong overall coordination ability, broad vision;
4.Good communication, coordination and written and oral expression ability, strong learning ability;
5. Good character, cheerful and frank; Responsible, enterprising, able to work under pressure, good team work ability;
6. Those who can drive with a driver's license are preferred;
7.Good health, be courteous and graceful, secretary work experience is preferred;
8. Interested in 3D printing industry, interested entrepreneurs are preferred; AutoCAD skill and at least one 3D design software skill(UG, Proe, Solidworks)

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