GM Assistant
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1.Responsible for drafting,organizing and conducting the company's reform plan on labor and personnel, management system and staff assignment plan;
2.Be responsible for the collection, sorting, filing and use of personnel files of staff and workers to ensure the safety, accuracy and confidentiality of personnel files;
3. Be responsible for the staff personnel contract management, completes the staff labor contract signing, notarization, social insurance management;
4.Be responsible for staff transfer, retirement, resignation, retirement procedures;
5.Organize professional and technical titles evaluation and assessment of workers' technical level training. Recruit employees for the enterprise, and find applicants that meet the job requirements for recruitment.
6.Deepen and publicize the corporate culture of the company, and implement the corporate culture into the enterprise management system and management standards; Establish a positive, friendly, cooperative and loyal corporate culture atmosphere.
7.Involve in employee relationship communication, management, visits and a series of other work, in order to understand the staff thought dynamic at any time;
8. Be responsible for employee performance appraisal, select employee appraisal methods (grading method, KPI key indicator appraisal method, 360-degree three-dimensional appraisal method, scale performance appraisal method, etc.), and conduct regular appraisal on employees.
1.Human resources or related professional bachelor degree or above;
2.Familiar with the operation process of human resources management practices, familiar with the national labor and personnel laws and policies, and can be used in practice;
3.Good professional ethics, steadfast and steady, careful work, strong sense of responsibility, strong communication and coordination ability, team spirit;
4.Skilled use of relevant office software, with basic network knowledge.

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