Product Manager
Product Test Engineer
1.Assist to marketing manager, responsible for the company's graphic design, such as brochures, posters, display rack and other graphic advertising;  
2.Assist in product promotion of the company, including product composition, shooting and photoshop.
3.Design and process of pictures and videos on the company's website.
4.Corporate product promotional films shooting, marketing and brand video planning, shooting and post production;  
5.Other jobs assigned by the marketing manager.
1.College degree or above;  
2.Art, graphic design, artistic design, creative design and other related professionals are preferred;
3..Ability to independently design, good color creation and aesthetics, with independent ability of high quality design pictures;  
4.At least one year of relevant design experience, with working experience in electronic and electric products preferred;  
5.Skillfully in various design software,such as photoshop/Premiere/ AE and other design software.

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