aeWorthy™ PETG-CF

aeWorthy™PETG-CF is a PETG based with chopped carbon fiber reinforced FFF material that improves warping resistance, reduces size shrinkage during printing and improves overhang surface quality while giving the material a frosted surface texture.

Color: Black

Diameter: 1.75mm / 2.85mm

Net weight: 1kg / 3kg

Recommended Nozzle:

DLC Hardened Steel Nozzle 

Hardened Steel Nozzle

Ruby Nozzle

Recommended Hotend:Dragon series / Dragonfly serie

Material Properties

PropertyTesting methodTypical value
DensityISO 11831.23 g/cm³
Glass transition temperatureISO 1135778℃
Melt index230℃,2.16kg4.5g/10min
Determination of temperature

ISO 75:Method A

ISO 75:Method B

74℃ (1.8MPa)

77℃ (0.45MPa)

Tensile Yield StrengthISO 52746.11±0.75 MPa
Elongation at Yield3.56±0.05%
Young’s Modulus2616±25MPa
Tensile breaking strength41.70±0.98 MPa
Elongation at break5.53±0.22%
Tensile breaking strengthISO 52725.1±1.9MPa
Elongation at break1.81±0.3%
Young’s Modulus1856±41MPa
Bending strengthISO 17866.80±1.32MPa
Bending Modulus2291±42MPa
Charpy impact strengthISO 1795.11±1.01 KJ/㎡

Recommended printing conditions

Nozzle Temperature 240-260℃
Recommended Nozzle Diameter 0.4-1.0mm
Recommended build surface treatment Glass、PEI Film or Coating with PVP glue
Build plate temperature 70-80℃
Raft separation distance 0.2-0.25 mm
Cooling fan speed ≤50%
Print speed 30-60 mm/s
Retraction distance 2-5 mm
Retraction speed 1800-2400 mm/min

Other sugggestions:

The wear resistance of copper nozzle is poor. It is recommended to use stainless steel or hardened steel nozzle to print, which can effectively improve the printing quality.

Please put filament into a dry box, which can effectively reduce the oozing, rough surface and so on.


Packing List