aeFlex™ TPU85A-HF

aeFlex™ TPU85A-HF is TPU material that is easy to print. aeFlex™ TPU85A-HF is easier to be extruded than other conventional TPU consumables under the same hardness. When a suitable extruder is selected, aeFlex™ TPU85A-HF can support a printing speed of more than 80mm/s.

Color: Transparent / White / Black

Diameter: 1.75mm / 2.85mm

Net weight: 1kg

Recommended Nozzle:

DLC Hardened Steel Nozzle 

Hardened Steel Nozzle

Ruby Nozzle

Recommended Hotend:Dragon series / Dragonfly series

Material Properties

PropertyTesting methodTypical value
DensityISO 11831.15g/cm³
HardnessISO 761985A
Melt index200℃,2.16kg30 g/10min
Vicat softening temperatureISO 30677℃
Tensile breaking strength (X-Y)ISO 52723.44±2.70MPa
Elongation at break (X-Y)564±35%
Tensile stress at 100% (X-Y)6.56±0.25MPa
Tensile stress at 200% (X-Y)8.22±0.26MPa
Tensile stress at 300% (X-Y)10.74±0.32MPa

Recommended printing conditions

Nozzle Temperature200-225℃
Recommended Nozzle Diameter≥0.2mm
Recommended build surface treatmentGlass, PEI Film or PC Film
Build plate temperature20-50℃
Raft separation distance0.18-0.22 mm
Cooling fan speedOn
Print speed30-90 mm/s
Retraction distance1-3 mm
Retraction speed1800-3600 mm/min
Recommended support material/

Other sugggestions:

If you want to achieve high-speed printing, it is recommended to use direct extruders, such as BMG extruder, Titan extruder and Hemera extruder, and appropriately increase the nozzle temperature.

TPU material is very easy to absorb moisture when exposed to air, and printing after absorbing moisture will result ozzing, extruding with bubbles and rough surface appearance, thus reducing print quality. It is recommended that put the filament into a dry box (humidity below 15%) immediately after opening the aeFlex™ TPU85A-HF vacuum foil bag for printing. Please put the unused filament back into the original aluminum foil bag for sealed storage.

After the material is damp, there will be more printing ozzing, bubbles extruded and rough printing surface. Please dry the filament in an oven at 70-80°C for 4-6h to restore the printing quality of aeFlex™ TPU85A-HF.

Extrusion Force vs Print Speed Test

Test parameters: 12mm length brass heat block, BMG extruder, Phaetus Hardened Steel Nozzle, Nozzle size 0.4mm, Layer Height 0.2mm.

Packing List