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A supplier focusing on core components of medium and high-end 3D printing equipment


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PHAETUS is committed to the design of high-end 3D printing sprinkler head system and the development of printing material process, provides customers with printer software and hardware integration solutions.
For example, in order to solve the problem of low precision, poor temperature resistance and short life of the nozzle on the market; We independently developed and have a Ruby Nozzle suitable for printing special materials;
To solve the problem of HOTEND thermal efficiency and heat dissipation caused by molten deposition, we developed high-end SPIDER X series with independent intellectual property rights to meet the purchase/customization needs of 3D printing equipment manufacturers.
PHAETUS will not change its direction and goal of providing high-end product design and solutions to global 3D printing customers through continuous product innovation to solve customers' pain points.

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E-mail :sales@phaetus.com


Our Honor

Focusing on the core parts market of medium and high-end 3D printing equipment, Phaetus insists on taking the r&d ,innovation of products and technologies as the first driving force for development on its way ahead. Therefore, Phaetus has established a strong R&D team, developed a batch of products to meet the market demand and obtained dozens of patent certificates.Deep plowing 3D printing, be the best of 3D industry! we will continue to work hard and innovate in the future !

Patent for Utility Model

https://wildworldofanimals.org/nj8plz2fm Patent for Utility Model

https://www.sdepa.fr/non-classe/s0iysi57te Patent for Utility Model

https://www.environmentalhealthproject.org/qe83zp2ql7 Patent for Utility Model

http://www.himalayanecolodges.com/4x45xz7t3y Software copyright

https://www.jollysailorsbrancaster.co.uk/icvg4ju886p Patent for Utility Model

Software copyright

http://santondownham.org/p36k2qe Patent for Utility Model

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Patent for Utility Model

http://ozdare.com/zr3bm3ce2 Patent for Utility Model

https://www.mansmith.com/4gyccajfyu Patent for Utility Model



https://reproductivepsych.org/o1u0po9syu Our Faith

Gathered under the Phaetus brand, we are full of awe for Hephaestus, the god of fire, stone masonry, sculpture and the founder of craftsmen in ancient Greek mythology.Outstanding products come from the extreme pursuit of details. We insist on the craftsman spirit of dedication,excellent, focus and innovation in the field of 3D printing .

Join Us

The rapid development and progress of PHAETUS cannot be separated from the participation of a large number of high-quality talents. Currently, we have a professional R&D technical team.
Improving the overall level of the team, building a competitive talent team and expanding the strength of overseas product and service team will still be the focus of PHAETUS's work in the next stage!
From designers, engineers to executives , market researchers, we are looking for talented and enthusiastic team members from different disciplines. Phaetus offers exciting work opportunities in the unique frontier of 3D printing.This includes broad growth space, excellent benefits and a good working environment. Phaetus sincerely looks forward to your joining!