Marketing Manager

Mechanical Design Engineer
1.According to the strategic development goals of the enterprise, research and select the target market, organize the preparation of the annual market development plan, and report to the director of the market for approval;
2.Actively implement the market development plan and expand the influence of enterprises in the market;
3.Collect industry information in a timely manner, and track the information and changes in technologies and markets of the same industry domestic and overseas;
4.Understand the industry trends, market and product marketing trends, competitor status to sort out, analyze and document all kinds of information;
5.Plan and organize the internal public relations activities of the enterprise in a unified way, expand the media cooperation relationship, and increase the market share of the enterprise's products through public relations activities and image dissemination;
6.Organize and implement brand promotion activities to establish the popularity and good reputation of brands among target customers;
7.To be responsible for the design of the exhibition plans of domestic and foreign cooperative manufacturers and the special installation layout of domestic and foreign exhibitions.
8. Prepare various expense budgets for market development in a timely manner and report to CEO for approval.
9.Control the expenditure of various expenses in the market development, reduce the market development expenses as much as possible, and save the enterprise management costs;
10. Be responsible for guiding, managing and supervising the work of the department individuals; training and evaluating department's employees.
1.Bachelor degree or above, with more than three years of market management experience;
2.Keen market observation and market analysis ability are preferred;
3.Strong communication and coordination ability, innovation and learning ability;
4.Ability of public relations; Rich media resources are preferred;

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