0.1mm Ultra-thin Wall Thick Throat Tube
The Dragon Hotend Will Address The Rotential for Congestion in The 3D Printing Process

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PHAETUS Tungsten Carbide Nozzle Upsets Your 3D Printing Experience
Printing Hotend is the core hardware component of 3D printing equipment.A qualified printing hotend needs to meet the scientific flow rate ratio, so that the Heat Break does not block material, the purpose of the overall smooth printing.In response to this demand, PHAETUS has launched a new generation of 3D printing hotend “Dragon hotend ”
Dragon Hotend is composed of Heat Block, Heat Sink Heat Break , which is the best combination of hotend printing extrusion kit formed by the r&d team after hundreds of tests and debugging!

Dragon hotend is made of all metal materials, with the overall high temperature resistance up to 500℃, and the frame rigid structure nozzle is more convenient to replace.The 0.1mm ultra-thin-walled thick Heat Break has perfect insulation performance, the roughness of the inner hole of the nozzle throat tube is Ra0.4, and the movement resistance of the filaments is small, which can make the filaments melt effectively and flow smoothly, without accumulation and blocking, eliminate the hidden trouble of the throat neck when the wire melts, and extend the overall service life of the printing kit.PHAETUS provides both standard and high traffic versions to meet the customized needs of different customers.
In addition, the hotend kit of this printer adopts the standardized interface, which matches the general models in the market and completely meets the batch demand.