Additive Manufacturing Strategies 2020
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The Future of 3D Printing Track One: Medicine and Dentistry
This must-attend Summit and Exhibition will be back in February 2020 for its third year, with a new conference track covering metals, as well its established coverage of medical/dental 3DP. As usual, the conference offers over 30 expert speakers, with this year's focus being on end-user experiences, as well as the vendor, materials company and regulatory perspectives. As always with AMS, attendees will learn the most effective procedures and business opportunities in the critical sectors of 3D printing on which AMS 2020 is focused. The AMS 2020 Exhibition will give attendees the opportunity to see the latest 3D printing products for metals printing and 3D printing in the medical/dental space, as well as the ability to network with other attendees to exchange experiences and conduct business. The 2019 event, held in Boston, drew attendees from ___ countries and ___ U.S. states. The 2020 event builds on the excitement generated last year. Sign up for our conference e-mail newsletter and keep current with speaker and exhibitor updates Buy Sublingual Cbd Oil Here’s what to expect from AMS 2020: Medical and Dental: Buy Hemp Oil India An improved understanding of regulatory requirements affecting 3D printing in medicine and dentistry and how these factors vary internationally Understanding how 3D printing is disrupting supply chains and transforming procedures at hospitals, labs, medical and dental offices The latest on how 3D printing is enabling new procedures in medicine and dentistry An update on the rapidly evolving area of 3D-printed medical and dental materials including biomaterials Metals A roadmap for the latest trend in metal 3DP: compact metal printers Understanding of the role of hybrid printers in metal additive manufacturing The latest on 3D printing of new kinds of metals including copper, refractory materials, etc. Case studies for metal printing from the aerospace, automotive, oil and gas and other industry sectors An update on the role of post-processing in metals-based additive manufacturing The latest metals service bureau trends In addition to hearing from practitioners, technologists and vendors, there will be sessions where SmarTech Analysis will present its latest forecasts and intellectual property analysis for medical, dental and metals markets. There will also be plenty of time for attendees to meet, greet and conduct business.