Graphic Designer 2019年7月29日
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Media Specialist
1.Implement the strategic planning of the company's decision-making level, conduct market analysis and research, user research and data analysis of the 3D printer parts industry;
2.Establish clearly targeted business needs and product needs;
3.Be responsible for the whole life cycle of products, including product design, project conduct, product risks, product value operation, product iterative upgrade, etc.
4.Grasp the market development trend and innovative products, technologies, etc., to provide a reference basis for the company's decision makers;
5.Coordinating the needs and resources and advancing the landing of products.
1.Bachelor degree or above, at least 3 years relevant working experience in machinery industry;
2.Strong logical thinking and abstract ability, data analysis ability, good at solving problems with innovative methods;
3.Strong learning ability, good communication and expression ability, good at team cooperation and coordination;
4. Strong anti-pressure ability and self-driven. 如果你想要加入我们,请将简历发送至邮箱我们会尽快和您联系。