QC Engineer

Sales Manager
QC Supervisor
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1.Prepare SIP and SOP documents for products according to technical specifications of drawings and product review specifications;
2, according to the requirements of the nonconforming product control procedures, responsible for judging nonconforming products in the process, and responsible for verification, tracking, organization analysis and improvement and continuous improvement;
3.Be responsible for analyzing and improving the problems of customer complaints and after-sales failures of batch products;
4. Lead the audit of the company's quality system, prepare the annual process audit plan and other relevant documents and follow up their implementation;
5, responsible for the skills training of subordinate inspectors, guide and supervise the inspectors' inspection records, analyze the inspection data, form quality reports, and hold regular quality meetings;
1.Bachelor degree or above in mechanical or related major;
2.At least 3 years experience as a quality engineer in hardware machinery industry;
3.Knowledge of machining surface treatment and other related technologies and quality requirements is preferred;
4.Understand QC's seven methods, 8D, five tools and other quality tools. Familiar with ISO9001 system is preferred.

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