Mechanical Design Supervisor
Mechanical Design Engineer
Domestic Trade Assistant 2019年7月29日
1.Be responsible for leading the team to design and improve the 3D structure of products, create engineering drawings and maintain databases;
2.Lead the design and production of parts samples, and compile product BOM and related technical documents;
3.Assist the testing engineer in the design of tooling and fixture and performance verification tests related to products;
4.Assist in promoting standardization and parametric design of the company.
1.Bachelor degree or above in mechanical engineering, mechatronics and automation;
2.More than 5 years structural design, non-standard design experience, more than 3 years product design,team lead experience is preferred;
3.Proficient in familiar with mechanical processing technology;
4. Experience in designing related equipment is preferred (3D printing/non-standard design, etc.);
5.Strong teamwork, hands-on ability and ability to work under pressure;
6. Proficient in operating Auto CAD and at least one 3D design software (UG, Proe, SolidWorks); If you want to join us, please send your resume to . We will contact you as soon as possible.